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With the variety and difference in concrete the right ratio's and application are key to maximum performance and long life.    

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Using a Oleophobic sealer as a surface coat to add protection. A couple options to meet the need of your application. Used on interior concrete floors.



 Each one has it specific purpose. Learn which one works best for you and your application.  CDP Hydrophobic sealers have many uses. They can be used for interior and exterior concrete.


Sealing acid stain or colored concrete.

Using the CDP-SF as a sealer for protecting your acid stain or colored concrete can give you years of protection without having to reseal ever few years. No chipping, no flaking and enabling easier cleaning.


CDP-CS exterior concrete sealer

Using the CDP-CS concrete sealer helps to protect your broom type finish or rough concrete. No smell, environment friendly, water-base, long life and easy to use. The CDP-CS penetrates deep into the concrete and slowly cleans old concrete as well as protects new concrete.

Just about all of the videos made are from customers questions or issues they had. If you have a question or I didn't answer your question in a previous video about a certain issue or process just let me know. I would love to help you out and explain better next time I do a floor.

With CDP Concrete sealers you have options.


  • You can DIY with application support

  • Maybe you have the man power and just need assistance getting started.

  • Maybe you just want it custom applied.

  • There many option available with the support to make sure you get the right concrete sealer and protection you are looking for.

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