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CDP-SF is a penetrating sealer used for sealing interior concrete warehouse floors, shop floors, retail floors, etc. CDP-SF does not chip, flake, or peel. CDP-SF will enables easier cleaning of spills and sweeping. It will increase the surface strength as well. For added protection you can use the different CDP hydrophobic sealers as a surface sealer to add increase protection against spills. The CDP-SF is provided in a concentrate form with free shipping. With the CDP-SF provided in a concentrate form it is easy to adjust the ratio's to meet your needs. I can help with this in the event you need to adjust the ratio's. CDP-SF is a product I use regularly so every month or more frequent I am always batching up new. So this is not a product that is just sitting around for months or even years. It is always fresh. With the CDP-SF there can be a variety of ways to apply that will greatly depend on your concrete. I have tried to make and will continue to try and make more useful videos to help with the many different way to apply.  I am always available to help and answer any application issues you might have. 

Step 1. Cleaning the concrete

Step 3. Sealing the saw cut joints

Step 2. Applying 2nd application of the SF

Step 4. Applying the SRP Sealer

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