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Searching for the right concrete sealer can be difficult, the more you search the more confusing it can get. A lot of concrete sealers are the same for the most part within it's class of chemicals. Many manufacture will try to confuse you by using different terms or claims. Many manufactures will try to get you on the warranty, They know it is impossible to give you a true warranty without seeing the concrete the product is applied to even then there is no guarantee that it will  perform the way it is specified. So you need to look very close to what exactly the warranty is and covers. If they do not specify in writing you need to ask.


Do not get sold on products that bead water, these are hydrophobic concrete sealers,  just because they bead up water does not make it the right choice for your project. Hydrophobic sealer have their place, just make sure it is the right place. 


Stain resistant and oil repellent sealers (oleophobic sealers), most manufactures show demonstrations using water and how water beads while promoting how it is stain resistant. Most time they will have literature explaining or data to show results. Be cautious on this data. Not all concrete is the same so results will vary. 


Not all contractors are familiar with concrete sealers and how to apply. So many just take the word of the company selling the products and in some cases even the company or manufacture does not know how to apply or able to trouble shoot problems that come up.


Not all expensive concrete sealer are good sealers and not all low cost concrete sealers are bad. So many companies that manufacture concrete sealers do not know the right way to apply them. Over the years so many companies have stolen or copied literature and data without testing and validating the information. 


I have been manufacturing different concrete sealers since 1999. I have also been applying them since 1999. MY goal isn't to sell you a product or concrete sealer but to make sure you get what you pay for. Through out all the years of sealing concrete I have been told the same thing, " I just want something that works" I will do my best to explain what and why you need a certain product depending on your application. For more information you can go to my website directly  

Now I want to teach others how and what to look for when sealing concrete. Learn about the chemicals involved in concrete sealers and other products plus what they are capable of doing and what they are not. 


True experience is learned from trial and error...  

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